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domingo, 19 de agosto de 2007

Fidelity requested by the subs to their Mistresses

The topic that I want to speak about in this post is very important. So if you are at the other side of the screen thinking of offering yourself as a submissive, you should read this post.
I wanted to write about the topic of fidelity in D/s relationships.

It is known that subs must be faithful to their Mistresses, they must surrender and serve their Only Owner and nobody else. But what is happening? Sometimes the subs confuse their devotion to Us with any other kind of feeling and they ask fidelity from us. And here the conflicts begin…

First of all, you are My dog, you are My property but that does not mean that I am yours, nor you will have the exclusivity of My time nor My thoughts. I reserve my right to have as many dogs as I want, and I don’t want to hear any complaint or jealousy.

Some of the reasons that make me want to have several dogs are because of the difficulty to find (or to train somebody that really knows that he wants to do this) a real 24/7 slave (you will see a post with my appreciations in a little while); more difficult but much more higher is the reward that’s why I don’t get rid of that idea.

Several subs allow me to:

**Always have somebody to serve me in anything that I would need and/or wish.
**Have specialized servants in the different areas that I would need.
**Always have My wishes satisfied, because it could happen that you were a perfect maid but very weak for physical punishments. And I won’t lose a good maid (being them so difficult to find) just because he doesn’t like physical punishments or because of family reasons that don’t allow him to carry any mark on his body. I better find any other sub to complete the lack of the first one.
**And if by chance, some of my subs turned into My couple (to those that doesn’t know it, I was dating one of my slaves), it would always be under My Rules, accepting the way of life that I have chosen and, even being My couple, it doesn’t allow him to ask me for fidelity or exclusivity. Again, I will always have as many dogs as I wish and I will do whatever I want with them without any kind of complaint or jealousy from my couple.

Every lack of fidelity done by any of My submissives will be punished with the end of his services, removing the collar immediately and the expulsion from My Domain.

Well I believe that the explanations about fidelity are satisfied. If I have something else to say I will add it in another post with the same title followed with “II part”.

Dark Queen

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Anónimo dijo...

AMA URSULA, me alegro mucho de que se haya tomado el tiempo de explicarme que le gusta que le dejen comentarios. Ojalá sea el comienzo de una buena relación.-

Naturline dijo...

Me ha sido muy grato perderme por su blog, muchas gracias por estos momentos que he pasado leyendo su blog.
Un abrazo afectuoso.

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su blog es muy bueno

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Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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I will not approve on it. I assume precise post. Specially the appellation attracted me to be familiar with the unscathed story.