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domingo, 19 de agosto de 2007


Regarding some events that happened during the last few weeks, I think that it is necessary to make some explanations about Myself and the kind of Domination that I do.

I am an amateur Mistress, you must understand that I do not offer any kind of service and therefore I do not earn money for them. Why? Because the truth is that I don’t need it. There are many submissive people or applicants that would satisfy any of my necessities with great pleasure. Some of them who can’t come and serve me in person (for example: taking care of the beauty of my body as I find it so tedious) pay me every treatment that I want or a spa so that I look more radiant and more beautiful than I already am.

To everyone that comes to Me looking for a woman or a couple to play Domination games before having sex, I am going to tell them some things:

  • I do not provide any kind of sexual pleasure; if you get any pleasure it is because you limit yourself to do everything to please Me. Again, just in case it was not clear: I only do what gives me pleasure. If you want to serve me or not, that’s another story. I don’t do spanking on demand!!!

  • If you are looking for a pretty woman to make your bdsm fantasies real, do me and yourself a favor. Don’t waste your time!!! Go to those web sites o places where they offer Domination services and in some of them you can even have some sex.

Next I am going to add a part of a thought expressed in the forums of Mazmorra, so you can have an idea of the way I think and what I hope will not happen with any submissive one.

Explanation for all the subs: I wanted to make this comment for a while because I am really getting tired of some people. In this case, someone (it doesn’t matter who at this point) had a bad reaction when I rejected him (because I didn’t want to be his mistress), luckily in a peaceful way. But unfortunately, not everyone is that easy and sometimes it seems that they can’t understand that I can’t or don’t want to Dominate every submissive person that offers to me. Being a Mistress does not necessarily mean that I must Dominate you, is that clear? What is happening??? I have a lot of msn contacts, in BDSM contacts and I can’t answer them all. My time is short, I study, work, I spend some of my time in the activities of Mazmorra and, as if it were not enough, I practice FEMDOM too. And there are a lot of disrespectful people that when I don’t answer their hello, they say everything to me but pretty. And there are a lot of them that get really mad and send me emails telling me that I am a stupid or that I am very submissive and bla bla bla. (Attacks that I am used to receive and I think that it is not fair and no Mistress should be attacked like this).

I have to tell you one thing: first of all is that I really know what I am and what I do. I don’t have to demonstrate anything to anybody. Do you think that I will dominate you because you provoke me?? You are so wrong. Let me give you an advice: be patient and respectful; I am currently dealing with some subs I have known last year. It takes time to know each other. Femdom isn’t a delivery of lashes, you can’t come to the chat room and ask for “a Mistress for tonight”; you will never find her that way.

No more attacks and be patient.

Reina Oscura

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