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lunes, 6 de agosto de 2007


I am a 24-year-old young woman, declared Mistress almost 3 years ago but practicing Femdom without knowing it since much earlier. About my character I can say that I am very bossy and capricious. Manipulative by nature and how to forget to mention it!!! very sadistic. With a dark and wicked mind like Mine it was not possible to expect another thing.

I will speak a bit about my life... I was always the Little Queen of the house; well not always, indeed: I used to be called Princess before. I made a great scandal to my father at the age of 5 the day that I found out that Queen had higher hierarchy than Princess... I debated myself some ... 30 seconds? in choosing between how pretty princess sounds or to have the highest hierarchy, to be a Queen. And at that same moment I told dad that he had to refer to me as Queen.

Well, up to here, we have the first part. I was about 5 years old and I was already called Queen but with those short pink skirts with little hearts (or mushrooms) I was very far from being Dark.

I am not going to mention my sadistic acts from my childhood as I am not proud of them, like hurting animals (though I am still tempted by the idea of cutting the whiskers of a cat to see how it staggers). I was a child and I didn’t know what I was doing, but evidently the energy that moves me nowadays was already flowing inside me and I needed to explore some things. I used to receive the typical reprimand from my teachers “Would you like that a giant comes and crushes you?” and the truth is that the idea terrified me; the cool thing is to step on people, not the other way. (By the way, that teacher came to my job by chance, she was 40 and I was 24. I went close to her and told her “Ms. Andrea”, and she almost died by a heart attack, she couldn’t believe that I remembered her after so many years. Andrea, if you just knew that the little girl with pigtails turned into such a wicked girl you would die!!! Jajajaja). Going on with my story, it seems that since my early years I enjoyed some of my favorite techniques like Trampling and Crushing.

My couples always treated me like a real Queen. They lived for Me, always attending Me unconditionally even after an exhausting day of work. I think they didn’t have any option faced with my personality and beauty; they always surrendered at my feet. Even my second boyfriend used to call me Queen and, in more than one opportunity, he tried to get me a crown (I guess you didn’t know where to buy it, Tavi, but the intention is the important thing). I experimented lot of weird things with him; I remember that sometimes he wore some of my tiny thongs and I made him wear a short purple leather skirt :s (how could I dress that way!!!!!); in summary, role games everywhere, public scenes, my first encounters with pretty hard games, spanking and more.

For My present and for the rest of My life: I love being surrounded by submissives, those special little people who know that they don’t have any other better thing in the world than serving me and living for me, and they don’t let me move a finger to do anything. I enjoy a delicious dinner prepared with great devotion for me, tasting it slowly while the only thing that they are allowed to take to their mouths are the boots that I wore to go dancing in order to lick them till they are shiny. If they made a good job, maybe I could reward them with some of my delicious slave foods that I use to cook… I am not going to reveal too many details about my sessions, since I don’t want that future submissives can foresee what could happen to them in a session with me.

I know that many people think that being a submissive is easy, that you only have to bend your head and obey the orders of the Queen. Nevertheless, it is not so simple… It’s a life of privations and sacrifices. It means being always pending on Your Queen’s wishes without schedules, without sleeping and even being hungry. They have to serve me also in my bad temper days or, what is worse, suffer my indifference when I don’t have any desire of seeing them.

It is a matter of being at My complete disposal to make my life more pleasant. There are so many ways of doing this… Dealing with these tedious diligences that I hate to do, cooking delicious foods, everything related to My relax and to My physical beauty. But you have to understand that…

For me, you are no more than servants, pets, buffoons, pieces of meat, or simply furniture which I have the right to use When, How and Where I want. You are supposed to feel happy taking this place of inferiority, humiliating and suffering, having the privilege to serve this Goddess. You give everything in return for nothing; your only gratification will be the certainty of having offered pleasant moments to Me, nothing else. And of course, you should always serve me with a smile, I don’t have any kind of considerations and I assure you that I don’t care if you are sleepy, tired or in physical pain. Well, of course, there is always a limit; no Mistress wants that her good servant gets damaged or dies…

How is a day in my life? Getting up late, eat a tasty breakfast, if any submissive takes it to my bed, much better. Then I listen to some music, read an interesting book or study. Usually I go to bed late, I like the night so much!!! That’s why the only times that I see dawn is when I come back from a party.

The clothes that I like… Everything that is sexy, tight or see-through. My favorite colors are black, violet, red and purple. (That’s why I am called Dark, besides some thoughts I won’t reveal here). I love everything made of net; call it panties, t-shirts, gloves, catsuits and lingerie. I collect stockings with strange net drawings and stockings with original designs in general. (Exclusives models are welcome!).

My fetishes… leather buccaneer boots, patent leather, long riding boots, hiking boots. Shoes with high and thin heel!!! Vinyl and latex clothes, that there aren’t here in Argentina. And of course, everything related to corsets!

A last detail, in general almost none of my servants have sex with me, (I say “almost” because I have some pets so nice that sometimes I cannot resist taking them to my bed. Of course I have lots of orgasms and them none! But that doesn’t matter because the only important thing is MY pleasure). Mistresses know that when denied orgasm, they are more obedient, and as I deserve luxury servants sometimes I spend weeks without allowing them to discharge!!! And another factor that makes them more submissive is the fact of having several pets, because they compete among them to call my attention and, of course, I’m the only one benefited!! Sometimes they become jealous, and even they dare to ask me for loyalty. In that case there are 2 possible options: or he understands that I am a woman, therefore I am superior to him and I have the right to have as many servants as I wish, or he persists in that silly idea, not proper for a submissive, and he is immediately dismissed from My Domain.

Lashes, reprimands, caprices, worship, servitude, punishments, public humiliations, caresses, penances, prizes. You won’t know if you should melt in my hands or beg for mercy… You will doubt of everything you used to believe… From now on you are nothing; the only thing you can do now is to bend your head and obey. You are completely broken, captive, owned. You can only think of Me. You are… in My Domain.

I think that’s enough for today… In future posts you will get to know Me better.

I hope you like My Blog.


Dark Queen.

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BELMAR dijo...

"Nicolás sufría cada día de ser testigo del maltrato sicológico que Emilio ejercia sobre Susana. La humillaba por su condición de prostituta y sin embargo disponía de su dinero cual proxeneta profesional. Nicolás amaba al genial intérprete, pero odiaba al rudo amante de Susana y fantaseaba con liberarla de su dominio."