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domingo, 19 de agosto de 2007


martita{CERO} is the first shared slave that I have. I share him with my great friend Goddess Celina. The collar CERO comes from Celina and Reina Oscura (Dark Queen).

Why did we decide sharing him? Easy, I was interested in him as a servant, and he died for serving me but he couldn’t come to my house. When I knew Celina, I found out that he had served her before but because of the many slaves she had at that moment, she stopped calling him. However Celina´s references about martita were too good and we always chatted about him coming to Celina´s house and serving us as the Queens we are. Time passed and the day came when Celi said that she would make good use of a servant as martita, and I was thinking the same. Then this diabolic idea came to us!!! Since we are so similar, since we are really good friends, besides sharing our friendship we could share a slave!!! And we liked the idea more and more each day and we thought of lot of things to torture martita…

In a friend of mine words: “There is no doubt that this boy is going to get mad under the power of you two”. I don’t know if he is going to get mad, but he didn’t have a good time the 2 weeks before the great news, I am sure! Of couuuurse, how were we going to prize him in that way without a bit of suffering before… I was the one in charge, telling him every time that I could, how far he was from me, that he wasn’t a good servant, etc, etc, etc … in martita´s words “you leave me broken”… The days went by and the Great Monthly Meeting from Mazmorra came, martita had to attend because I told him so, though he didn’t know what task he was going to carry out. The agreed hour came and then the first shock!!! Looking at Celina and me together!!! He knew that we were both going to be there, but it is different when you see it… he had a long chat with Celi to catch up, and after that, we decided to give him the great news. We wanted him to be our shared slave, with 2 owners, there wasn’t going to be a test period because we decided that the time he served Celina was enough. The news staggered him. He didn’t know what to say… till he said yes very shyly. And well, the rest is history. He didn’t escape running yet jajajajaja.

The tasks that he performs in My Domain, or should I say Our in this case? Are serving us (in private and at the meetings that I attend), everything related with relax, massages, and beauty of my feet and hands. So if some day you find me walking in the streets with my hands uncared it will be martita´s fault.

Dark Queen.

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