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lunes, 6 de agosto de 2007


This is the pact that should be accepted and followed by all those subs that are in test period:

By means of the present agreement this dog, in full use of his mental and emotional faculties, does VOLUNTARILY resign to his will, and submits in body, mind and soul to the one that, from now on, he will recognize as his proprietor and only Owner, Mrs. Ursula Dominatrix.

From this moment on and in my quality of dog with test collar of Mrs. Ursula Dominatrix, I compromise myself to:

1.Carry her collar with pride and always show the devotion that I feel for my Mistress, always behaving as her submissive dog, in public or in private. To serve her faithfully, avoiding any class of contact with any other Mistress.

2.To do everything that is possible and impossible to make the life of my Queen easier. To keep her happy and funny, so that her beautiful face always smiles.

3.To satisfy her sexually in the way my Mistress suggests, for all the time she wishes, without expecting any reward o pleasure for this dog. [Note: accepting this clause doesn’t mean that I will make sexual use of you, it will only happen if I wish.]

4.To accept all her orders, always obey her, never criticize her, because everything my Queen says or does could never disgust me or offend me. Her orders are perfect, since they are no other thing that an expression of Her Wishes and that should be enough reason for this dog.

5.To accept all her punishments, penitence, restrictions and/or humiliations imposed by my Mistress, be them in order to correct any undesirable behavior (that this dog will always try to correct) or applied to satisfy the sadism and perversion of my Mistress.

6.To accept the existence of other submissive dogs, treating them as partners never showing feelings or gestures of jealousy, envy or anger.

7.NEVER attack her, never ever, in a verbal, moral and/or physical way. And always accept that if I commit this mistake I will be dismissed immediately from her Domains, without discussion.

8.Never reveal any personal information about my Queen (Name and surname, msn, e-mail, phone number, etc).
To notify her:
A)If it is impossible to assist to any encounter, I should let her know with the properly anticipation and present my excuses.
B)In case of sickness, journeys or vacations, and any other situation that could make impossible for me to serve my Mistress.

9.To always keep my body in good physical shape and always wear black thong and black (or red) stockings in front of my Mistress [Note: This is not for everyone, others will be asked to wear black boxers].

10.To study and learn everything necessary to improve the service of this dog.

11.To submissively accept if my Queen decides to end this relationship, without any kind of reproach or reprisal against the person who, from the moment of signing this pact, becomes my Mistress for the duration of my obedience, fidelity and good behavior.

I subscribe to all the above mentioned topics.

At my Mistress’ feet, I sign this PACT.

michifuz{ }, nadie{ }

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