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domingo, 19 de agosto de 2007

michifuz{ }

I continue adding up!!!

The scouting is working really well though in this case we already knew each other since February of 2007. Since this day I am pleased to announce that michifuz enters My Domain as a submissive dog to be tested by the Dark Queen, and he will be here as long as his good behavior, obedience and fidelity last.

It sounds crazy to have a dog with a cat name… But I really like the idea.

Ah, and besides presenting him as a member of My squad, I wanted to presume him a little, as far as I know I am reliably informed that he is wanted greedily by many Mistresses. And I tell you all that You missed him, he is Mine, Mine, Mine.

The frequent readers of BDSM web sites or stories may already know him as EX-esclavo278. (You can read some of his stories at Mazmorra).

Well that’s all for now, who will be next???

Dark Queen.

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